Chetek Handoff

By Dave Doner

Some time ago the Bob Speltz Land 0-Lakes Chapter agreed to initiate the restoration of the Chetek boat previously owned by Bob. To this end, several chapter members donated their time, talent, and financial resources to get the project off and running. Bob’s sister, Mary Keating, and her husband Ray have also been very supportive of the project through their financial help. Over the past several years progress has been made on the cedar strip hull and restoration of the Evinrude engine, fuel tank and Tee Nee trailer have been essentially completed. Our thanks to all those who helped out.

At a recent Board of Directors meeting, it was agreed that continuance of the restoration of Bob’s Chetek should now be put into the able hands of Stan Peterson. Stan and his wife Darleen, are long time active member of the Speltz Chapter and happen to be the owners of the boat. Stan recently approached the club and volunteered to pick up the boat while attending the recent Rendezvous at Treasure Island.

Stan resides in Florida and the word is he has a workshop that would be the envy of any of us. His close personal ties to Bob’s family as well as his skills and knowledge of boat restoration make this decision one which we feel makes sense for all concerned.

The entire chapter appreciates the offer made by Stan to finish the project. We remain tied to the effort and will help however we can. For now, monetary contributions may be a good way for us to show our support. Contributions may be forwarded to any board member and we will make sure they are passed on to Stan.

Good luck Stan. We are all looking forward to viewing the boat once the restoration is complete.