Our New Safety Director,
Dave Wiborg

by Jim Aamodt

Beginning at the Rendezvous, we will have an active safety committee at work. Dave Wiborg, BSLOL, Antique Outboard Club, and Power Squadron member will oversee in-water boat safety precautions and volunteer Power Squadron inspections.

Dave has been boating on Lake Minnetonka since his Cub Scout days in the late 50’s. A BSLOL member since 1978, Dave has had a keen interest in racing boats, and was extremely active in the American Power Boat Association and participated in races into the mid 1990’s.

Since 1995, Dave has been active in the Power Squadron and their education programs. Currently, he holds the rank of Lt. Commander, and Treasurer in the Squadron. In his “spare time” he is on our Rendezvous Committee, and is our liaison to the Antique Outboard Club.

Dave’s responsibilities will grow beyond the Rendezvous, with assisting people with advice, available safety checks, and operational procedures throughout our winter workshops. We also plan to have a workshop on how to design safety into your collector boat as it is being restored. More and more discussion shows that this new area is not just for one person, so Dave is seeking two or three volunteers for the committee.

With his extensive Power Squadron and Outboard Club experience, Dave wants to create considerable interaction between these groups, which will certainly benefit us all. We look forward to this new committee and their information.