Welcome to the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter of the ACBS

Please see the Event Calendar for info on BSLOL events, and other area events. Check back often for updated information!

Please remember your membership and boat information and renewals are all done online now via the ACBS website!

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We are always striving to be the best antique and classic boat club for all our members, but we need your input and feedback to make that happen.  Please feel free to email us anytime with positive or constructive feedback and ideas for events.


The chapter is involved in many events. Success doesn’t just happen. Anything you can do to help will take some of the load off others. Some of the areas are: hospitality, publicity, registration, seeking sponsorships, selling ads for the BoatHouse, putting together mailings, and a host of other activities.

Thank you to ALL current and past volunteers!

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If you have any issues with the web site please email webmaster@acbs-bslol.com