Safe From Theft

Protect Your Boat From Theft

As boat owners come out of hibernation in the spring and make their way back to the water for a summer of fun, so does another species: thieves. There are approximately 27,000 boats reported stolen each year in the United States and 90% of them are less than 20 feet long, Most thefts are package thefts which means the boat, motor and trailer are all stolen together. There is no way to make your boat completely theft-proof but here are some ways that have been proven to discourage theft.

  • Do things to increase the time it takes to steal your boat. Theft warning decals, locks and alarm systems can make a boat burglary difficult enough to discourage many crooks.
  • Do things that will force the thief to make noise in order to steal your boat.
  • Self-contained alarm systems are inexpensive and can be purchased anywhere from Radio Shack to a marine store.
  • Keep your boat and trailer parked where it is well lit and visible to you or a neighbor. The best option would be, of course, to keep it in a locked storage facility.
  • Park your trailer boat to make it inconvenient for a thief to steal. If you park your boat and trailer in the driveway, face the trailer tongue away from the street.
    If it is impossible to do this, park a vehicle in front of them.
  • Keep records of all boat, motor, trailer and equipment serial numbers in a location other than your boat.
  • Engrave your name, social security number, or
    drivers license number in a concealed area of your boat. You may do the same with your equipment.
  • When possible, valuable and easily removed items should be secured below deck in a locked compartment. This includes the keys! Never leave the keys in a visible spot on your boat while being stored. They should be with you.

Boat thieves are lazy and will be looking for the opportunities to steal boats that require the least amount of effort and risk. Make sure your boat isn’t a sitting duck.